Ace AI-DBC Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

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ACE Dry block Temperature Calibrator is reasonable and is perfect for the calibration of temperature sensors like RTDs, Thermocouples, temperature checks, temperature switches, and temperature transmitters. This Temperature Calibrator uses a microcontroller-based controller providing high-performance temperature stability and accuracy.

Applications: Calibration labs, Pharmaceutical divisions, Thermal plants, metallurgical plants, concrete plants, Fertilizers divisions, and so on.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Ace AI-DBC Dry Block Temperature Calibrator is used while it’s in a vertical position. And before any maintenance activity wait for the instrument to cool to ambient temperature. This Thermocouple Calibrator will work at ambient Temperature in such places as any Transit case or packing system.  This High Temperature Calibrator is flammable to liquids.

Features Of Dry Block Temperature Calibrator:

  • This RTD calibrator Graphical Display
  • dry well calibrator has a Feather Touch Key Pad
  • Fast Heating & Cooling
  • This Dry Block Calibrator has a Loop Power Supply for Transmitters
  • Reads Set temperature and device input simultaneously

Additional Information

Weight 12 kg
Manufacturer Ace Instruments
Model No AI-DBC
Measuring Parameters Temperature, Current, Voltage, Resistance
Measuring Range AI-DBC 650 - Range 50 to 650 Deg.C, (contact store for more ranges)
Display Graphical with LED Backlight
Transmitter Supply 24V DC ± 10% (Loop Powered)
Block Diameter 25.4 mm
Block Depth 120 mm
Insertion Tube Depth 110 mm
Display Stability ±0.2°C
Switch Test Continuity check with OPEN / CLOSE indication
Temperature steps (Deg.C) 50, 150, 300, 450, 600
Engineering Units °C / °F Switchable
J type Thermocouple -200 to 1200°C
Accuracy_8 ±0.025 % of Reading + 1°C
Resolution 0.1 °C
K type Thermocouple -200 to 1372°C
Accuracy_1 ±0.025 % of Reading + 1°C
Resolution 0.1 °C
T type Thermocouple -200 to 400°C
Accuracy_2 ±0.025 % of Reading + 1°C
Resolution 0.1 °C
R type Thermocouple 300 to 1760°C
Accuracy_3 ±0.025 % of Reading
Resolution 1 Deg.C
S type Thermocouple 300 to 1760°C
Accuracy_4 ±0.025 % of Reading
Resolution 1 Deg.C
N type Thermocouple -200 to 1300°C
Accuracy_6 ±0.025 % of Reading + 1°C
Resolution 0.1 °C/°F
mA 0 to 25 mA
Accuracy_9 ±0.025% of Reading + 10 µA
Resolution_1 0.001 mA
mV 0 to 1000.0 mV
Accuracy_5 ±0.025% of Reading + 0.25 mV
Resolution_7 0.01 mV
Volts 0 to 10.000 V
Accuracy_12 ±0.025% of Reading + 3 mV
Resolution_8 0.001 V
Ohms 0 to 400 ohms
Accuracy_13 ±0.025% of Reading + 0.1 Ohm
Resolution_6 0.01 Ohms
RTD (Pt 100) Range: -200 to 850 C ; Resolution: 0.1°C ; Accuracy: ± O 0.025% of Reading + 0.3 C
Accuracy_11 ±0.025% of Reading + 0.3 Deg.C
Resolution_9 0.1°C
Power Supply 230V AC ± 5% / 50Hz, 500 W for 350UTC
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty
Dimensions 155x240x350 mm
Weight 8 Kgs

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